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GNC is intimidating to people who aren't gym rats.
We aim to make the brand more appealing to a wider audience, specifically to Baby Boomers.


Repositioning Video


Logo Redesign and Brand Iconography

GNC's logo is reflective of its current target: bold, bulky and intimidating. We softened the identity to be more accessible and trustworthy, while creating a packaging and icon system that makes it easier for customers to find the right products.



Branded Packaging Redesign

Service Innovation and In-Store Experience Redesign


GNC introduces Health Bar: an installation at the front of the store staffed with a GNC expert to enable a more personalized experience. GNC will also offer a monthly subscription service, GNC Check Up, which delivers an individualized regimen of vitamins and supplements to members.


Branded Content & Communications


To encourage our target to Take Control, we place print ads with stories of people who have used the Health Bar take control of their health. The first transparent page of the ad pulls back so readers can make their own GNC Checklist to send in for a chance to win an experience that will cross something off their list. We show their journeys in an online series hosted by Dr. Oz.


Art Director: Caitlin Kennedy Bradley
Art Director: Frank Guzzone
Copywriter: Katie Johnston
 Communications Strategist: Cierra Dobson
Creative Brand Manager: Seth Powers